The creators of the series South Park called to cancel his show

Создатели сериала Южный парк призвали отменить его показ

The creators of Comedy cartoon series “South Park” called to cancel the showing of the TV show. Hashtag with this appeal appears in the teaser of the new season, which was posted on Twitter series.

In the video on a black background under disturbing music and the text “America has reached a crossroads. What do we do next?”. And then on the screen appears the hashtag #cancelsouthpark, which translates as “cancel “South Park”. However, the caption POPs up and informs you that the start of the new season is scheduled for September 26.

We will remind, the upcoming season will already be the 22nd in the history of “South Park.” The animated series of Matt stone and Trey Parker inferior in duration only to “Simpsons” – September 30th kicks off the 30th season of the show about the adventures of Homer Simpson and his family.

The main characters of “South Park” are five Junior – Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Butters and Kenny. The series is based on black humor and politically incorrect jokes is cartoon for adults. The show received five Emmys and a prestigious Peabody Award as “the most colorful and politically incorrect TV show”. In 1999 he published a feature film based on “South Park” “South Park: bigger, longer & uncut” (in another translation “bigger, longer and uncut”). The song Blame Canada from the movie was nominated for “Oscar”.

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