The creators of the sixth Terminator has posted the first photo of the three heroines of the film

Создатели шестого Терминатора опубликовали первое фото трех героинь фильма

The authors of the sixth of the “Terminator” unveiled the first official photo of the three heroines of the tape. It appears Natalya Reyes, Mackenzie Davis and Linda Hamilton, which for the first time in 27 years returned to the role of Sarah Connor. Photo was uploaded by the company Paramount Pictures that produces blockbuster.

The role of terminator T-800 in the film will perform Arnold Schwarzenegger, who in the spring had surgery on the heart. And Gabriel Luna will play the terminator as yet unknown what model.

The Director of the film will be Tim Miller, the Creator of the first part of “Deadpool”. And producer James Cameron, who was the Director and screenwriter of the first two parts of “Terminator”.

Premiere of a new tape is scheduled for November 22, 2019. How will be the new film is not specified. Has also kept secret his story. We only know that the Central character is a girl of 18-20 years. Additionally, the script for a new film ignores the events of all parts of the franchise, released after the second part of “doomsday”. The filmmakers had planned to begin shooting this summer.

As previously reported, actor Robert Patrick, who played the antagonist in “the reckoning”, appeared in the Ukrainian film “Zakhar Berkut”. The basis of this picture is supposed eponymous work of Ivan Franko. The clip was directed by Ahtem Seitablaev.

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