The Crucifix in the schools: “a question of heritage,” argues François Legault

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François Legault did not see the necessity to order the withdrawal of the crucifix that still hung in the classrooms of Quebec.

“When we made our secular schools, most of the crucifixes had been removed, it is the responsibility of schools, perhaps in some cases, there may be the crucifix which, as in the national Assembly, is more a matter of heritage,” argued Wednesday the prime minister.

At the time, François Legault was minister of Education under the government of the Parti québécois when the educational institutions have had to unhook the Christ on the cross of their walls.

“We want to leave more autonomy to the classes, and as I said, most of the schools have no religious signs”, he said, before going to question period in the national Assembly.

However, of the schools in the Centre-du-Québec have had to remove the crucifix from their premises last week, following a directive of the Commission scolaire de la Riveraine.

Secularism as two-speed

For Québec solidaire, the position of the government caquiste on religious signs is totally contradictory. Teachers will be required to remove their religious signs and teach in classrooms where throne a christ on the cross.

According to the mp solidarity Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, want to subtract subsidised private schools to the prohibition to wear religious signs also demonstrates that the CAQ advocates a secularism at two speeds. The draft law of the minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, which should be filed shortly, is a “catholic layman”, denounced on Wednesday the member for Gouin.

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