The CSQ promises to spur the government Couillard

Photo: Guillaume Levasseur Duty
Louise Chabot, and Daniel B. Lafrenière, respectively, president and secretary-treasurer of the CSQ, were unveiled Sunday, the strategy of the central union for the next few months.

In this election year, the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) attacks the government’s record Couillard and promises a active participation in the next elections.


“You know, the austerity, this is not a project of society, it impoverishes the whole world, and it is this that we served the government Couillard in his last three years of mandate,” argued the president of the CSQ, Louise Chabot, in a press briefing Sunday morning.


“No one wants more of a government that will require us to sacrifice senseless for three-quarters of its mandate while, within the last year, he comes out of his magic hat rabbits to billions of dollars. “


“The government has acted in illusionist by making us believe that there was a financial crisis in public, but if that was the case, there would be no if by magic, a margin of $ 7 billion. “


The CSQ provides that the year 2018 will “be in charge” and intends to expend a lot of energy in view of the upcoming election campaign.


“In all regions of Québec, it will be a comprehensive view of the government in power right now, we are going to take the time to analyze election issues, but more importantly, we will challenge all candidates in all regions and in the field to ensure that concrete things relating to the public service and the common good are at the rendezvous. “


Questioned as to whether the CSQ will campaign against the government in place, the president replied that the central union has not yet made a decision.


“To the CSQ, it was a practice not to take to a party, [although] it has happened to us, taking a position to vote against a party. Now, concerning our election strategies, we started to discuss a bit before the Holidays with our proceeding, and we will continue [to do so]. “


“But there is one thing that is clear : we are going to identify the issues on which it wants the candidates to commit all parties. The intention is to draw the attention of all candidates in all regions. The intention is to put forward the issues that they will need to find answers and it is on this basis that we will invite our members to vote. “


Already, Louise Chabot announced that the question of the funding of public services and their quality will be at the rendez-vous. “We wish to firmly that the next government would break with the orientation disturbing to favour the private sector at the expense of the public sector. “


Reform of labor standards


By then, the CSQ intends to spur the government to “proceed rapidly” to the reform of labour standards, announced last year by the Labour minister, Dominique Vien. “We do not understand why the government Couillard doesn’t file a bill as major, has supported Louise Chabot. We wait, we hope, the return of the parliamentary session. “


The CSQ proposes to increase the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour, 10 days of paid sick leave, one week of vacation extra after a year of work, the abolition of compulsory overtime, the prohibition of the clauses of disparity of treatment for the pension and a bonus of leave of compassion.