The cult of personality around Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron annoys in On Gala


According to the information of France info, to be published on Tuesday 14 November, a document will bring together the signatures of a hundred of activists and cadres of The Republic On (LREM), evidencing their resignation. By this act they protesteraient against the practices of the “old world ” that still exist and the cult of personality the movement, dedicated to Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron.

A hundreds of activists and executives LREM are grouped together under the name of Tribune of 100 democrats. According to the information of France info, in this document Emmanuel Macron and his wife in take for their grade. At the initiative of Tiphaine Blake, the signatories of the text to denounce ” the lack of internal democracy that is proved by the mode of appointment of the future head of the party embodied by the darling of Emmanuel Macron, Christophe Castaner. In fact, only 200 activists drawn at random will be able to elect the only candidate nominated.

This report also point to the persistent use of the usage of the “old world ” as “the perverse game of the courtisanerie that would put in place a kind of cult of personality around the presidential couple. The campaign of the candidate Running! was, however, accompanied by hashtag “#LoveLaRem ” or “#LoveLaTeamMacron” throughout its course, highlighting a team. The movement seems to have lost its luster, only six months after the election of Emmanuel Macron.

Even if they give themselves little nicknames affective, the members of the government seem to suffer the intransigence and the amount of work that gives the head of State. The president does not like to be the conflict and can go up to the head. He sleeps very little. Many ministers are awoken one night by SMS, Emmanuel Macron. Since may, it would seem that the president has already exhausted its advisors. In the pages of the journal The World, one close to the Elysée palace says that the head of State “has no life, no feelings, he thinks that he owes nothing to anyone. There is the work (…) it has a temperament of steel“. Hope that his team will be 4 years and 6 months.

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