The damage of the great cold

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
The renowned restaurant Joe Beef has lost his wine cellar collection in the night from Sunday to Monday because of a water leak caused by thawing a pipe.

The arctic cold has brought a lot of inconvenience to Quebec, including the owner of Joe Beef, which has experienced freezing pipes and burst pipes in its three Montreal restaurants.


“The cold wave, one has tasted,” says David McMillan, for whom the christmas holidays are synonymous with the management after a disaster.


In the night from Sunday to Monday, a leak of water, after the thaw a pipe has damaged a part of the Joe Beef.


“The biggest damage appears to be there. We have lost our wine cellar collection. We will see if you are eligible for insurance, but it is certain that it is going to cost us dear, ” says the chef.


The nightmare has, however, started last week, when his two other restaurants, Liverpool House and Vin Papillon, have also suffered the consequences of the bursting of water pipes.


“There is nothing that surprises me. Last year, it was the hose in the street who had jumped. I can’t let myself be discouraged by it, life goes on, ” he says.


To ensure that our three institutions will open their doors as expected with the return of the Holidays, Thursday, he had to pay more than $ 15 000 in emergency work.


“We are 70 employees in 3 restaurants. We can’t afford to close, so we did everything for the work to be completed so that we can open, ” he explains.


Day of the Year without water


Sophia Oumzil, a resident of the district of Saint-Henri in Montreal, had for his share to pass on the day of the year without water.


“We had no more water since the 27th of December. She returned Wednesday morning, after eight days of waiting, ” says the woman who resides in a duplex.


Attempts to thaw his pipes have been unsuccessful since they are PVC. “Our owner has really done everything. He brought in the plumber. It has provided us with bottled water, but the cold was too extreme “, says dr. Oumzil.


Plumbers have confirmed that they have been busy in the last days. In iPlomberie, then we receive a dozen calls during the end of the week the day of the year on average, it is rather a hundred calls that have been made, says the vice-president Étienne Mathieu.


On the side of the experts claim, the requests multiply. At Qualinet, 750 cases have been opened against 200 on average. Same goes for GUS (Groupe urgence Sinistre), where the administration is on track to make a balance sheet of the last days.


17 times more complaints


The Holiday, which runs from 22 December to 3 January, was deprived of water from several residents of the metropolis, multiplying by 17 the number of complaints to the City of Montreal compared to last year.


The line 311 has received 813 calls for a ” failure of water service and/or piping jelly “. In 2016, only 47 calls were recorded.


On Wednesday, the City was not able to indicate the number of complaints handled and has prompted The Need to communicate with each of the nineteen districts for clarification.

Already a new wave of cold

A cold wave has hit the east coast of the u.s. on Wednesday, where some cities have seen a fall in their first flakes of snow in 29 years. From Texas to Georgia from Florida, cars have skidded on the icy road, forcing the closure of several roads. The storm is expected to reach Quebec in the night from Thursday to Friday, according to Environment Canada. Of 5 to 10 inches are expected on the south of the province, 10 to 20 centimetres for the centre, while the east of Quebec will be buried under 20 to 40 centimetres of snow. Sleet and even freezing rain could mix with the snow in the maritime provinces, the Gaspé and Lower North Shore. Once the storm has passed, a new wave of cold will turn the province as early as Friday.