The deceased in the Great Patriotic war, the General finally returned Home

Погибший в Великую Отечественную войну генерал наконец вернулся на Родину

The deceased in the Great Patriotic war, the General finally returned Home
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The remains were transferred to the border with the Belgorod region. Photo:

Kharkiv searchers discovered the remains of a military, carried out the examination of DNA and tracked down his relatives.

Met a grandfather from the war after 76 years

Home to the Rostov region recently handed over the remains of Lieutenant-General Fyodor Kostenko, discovered VPO “Landmark” in Balakleysky district of the Kharkiv region last year. All this time the General was officially listed as missing. Native only assumed, where could be his last fight in 1942, the General’s wife got the news that her husband was not out of the environment. The widow and son sought the place of death of Theodore, was hoping to find the burial, though dead, but to return home. But the return of the hero waited only granddaughter.

Tamara Kostenko says: she called the searchers said they found the remains of her grandfather. The woman at first did not even believe, considered call evil joke. When she was asked to take a DNA test to make sure the correct version of VPO “Landmark” that was found – the same General Kostenko, agreed. The results of the examination came at the end of last year, and now Fyodor Yakovich, after 76 years after his death, will rest at home.

– I feel like I’m back home my cousin, whom I never saw. I just saw the pictures, now feel what he was – admitted Tamara Kostenko.

Committed suicide not to be captured

The remains of two Soviet soldiers in Kharkiv searchers stumbled in April 2017: Yar cleared and the detector has reacted to a metal object in the ground, as it turned out, it was a belt buckle.

We dug, they were lying at a depth of slightly more than a matchbox, told media the search engine Sergey Burov. – Near one of the victims, were younger, were remnants of the tablet and belt, he was in boots, lying next to an open capsule with no data. Judging by the bones, he was wounded in the thigh. Next to him was another officer. He was cut all the insignia, even the boots are removed, but the pants were found a General’s stripes. Also found a piece of the page, deployed, managed to read the name “Kostenko”. While we put all of this, the paper crumbled to dust!

Had to start from these meager data. At first I thought that the first victim is the son of General Peter Kostenko. The more I wrote about this Marshal Georgy Zhukov, saying that once in the boiler, Kostenko shot the son and then shot himself so that the enemy could not take them prisoner. However, Zhukov was not confirmed: the granddaughter told me that her uncle, Peter Kostenko, died in the same 1942, but in September and at Stalingrad, and there was buried. Now the search engines assume that the found adjutant – General. And in the turtles both were really bullet holes.

Погибший в Великую Отечественную войну генерал наконец вернулся на Родину

General Kostenko was looking for a wife, and bury granddaughter. Photo:

Reference “KP”

Fedor Kostenko, a native of the Rostov region, died may 26, 1942. Troops under the command Kostenko fought at Kiev, Moscow, participated in the Kursk-Oboyan, Barvinkove-Kharkiv, Lozova and operations. During the last of the soldiers fell into the cauldron, killing about 270 thousand people.

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