The decision to raise gas prices yet, – Reva

Решения о повышении цен на газ пока нет, – Рева

The decision to raise gas prices no pre. This was in the “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine” said the Minister of social policy of Ukraine Andriy Reva.

“As of this minute, as far as I know, this is no solution. General Fund (IMF) requires the introduction of the resolution of the Cabinet, which was approved. If you count the price of gas according to the formula that is there, then with the current of 6.95, the price of gas would have to be almost 11 UAH per 1 cubic meters, it is almost 50% more,” said Reva.

He added that the IMF believes the key two positions: the creation of an anti-corruption court and achieving import parity price of gas of domestic extraction, however, which is imported to Ukraine.

“They (the IMF) believe that in order for the market to work, there must be destroyed the monopoly. While “Naftogaz”, relatively speaking, it sells gas inside the country is lower than it could make importers, we have a gas market will not, because there will always be someone who has the ability to sell cheaper. Therefore, it is one of the conditions for the de-monopolization of the gas market, to create conditions – both times achieving such parity. Today we are in the negotiation process, which concerns the meaning of this parity terms. What will be the real price even at the moment – negotiations… In negotiations about the price of gas I don’t participate,” added Reva.

Recall that among the key demands of the IMF for providing the next tranche of the loan is the creation of an anti-corruption court and the establishment of market prices for gas for the population. According NKREKU, gas prices for population may increase by more than half.

May 30, the Cabinet has postponed the increase in gas tariffs to the population and CTV until August. Later the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman said that Ukraine recognizes its obligation to raise gas prices.

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