The Democrats will get a majority in the lower house of Congress, Fox News and CNN

Демократы получат большинство в нижней палате Конгресса, - Fox News и CNN

The candidates of the Democratic party will get a majority in the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress on the results of the midterm elections. On it informs TV channel Fox News. So do the reviewers of CNN.

The reporters did not substantiate its forecast figures, but claim that at the moment the Democrats win in those States where they need it. These elections are the key seven States — North Dakota, Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, Florida and Nevada.

According to estimates by CNN, the Democratic party will receive 238 seats in the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress, while Republicans 197.

If projections are correct, the Democrats for the first time in eight years will get a majority in the lower house of Congress. And will be able to initiate the process of impeachment of the current President of the United States Donald trump. Now both houses of Congress controlled by Republicans, which is itself a trump.

At the same time Fox News and CNN expressed confidence that Republicans will retain the majority in the Senate. According to broadcaster NBC, the Republicans will take 52 seats.

We already know that in Indiana a victory in the Senate election was won by the Republican candidate, businessman Mike brown.

Tennessee also defeated the Republican candidate Marsha Blackburn.

West Virginia, won election to the Senate Democratic party member and incumbent Senator Joe Manchin.

In Ohio for the third time in a row won the Democrat Sherrod brown.

Florida in the Senate election defeats incumbent Republican Governor Rick Scott.

Texas Senator remains Republican Ted Cruz.

In Indiana in the elections to the Senate leading Republican candidate Mike brown.

In the elections to the House of representatives from one of the districts in the state of Indiana wins Republican Gregory Pence – senior Vice President’s brother, U.S. Mike Pence.

In Virginia the elections to the House of representatives is won by the candidate of the Democratic party Jennifer Wexton.

In North Dakota, Republican Kevin Cramer won election to the House of representatives.

In Miami, Donna Shalala Democrat ahead of the Republican, journalist Maria Elvira Salazar.

In Kentucky, in the House of representatives is elected Republican Andy Barr.

In new Jersey, defeats Democrat Robert Menedez.

The lower house of Congress – House of representatives – is responsible for the adoption of new laws that impact including on US foreign policy. The upper house – the Senate deals with personnel appointments and control over the White house.

Recall that on 6 November in the United States underwent a mid-term Congressional elections in which course will be fully re-elected House of representatives (435 lawmakers who are elected for two-year terms) and a third of the Senate (33 seats, the service life of six years). In addition, different States hold elections of local authorities, in particular, in 36 States elect new governors.

This is the most important event in the political life of the United States in 2018. The current voting can be seen as an unofficial referendum on confidence in the policy of the President of Donald trump. Depends on the results, as far as he is free in actions in the international arena.

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