The Din, vinyl records shop, digs its furrow online

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
Jean-François Rioux-cherished dream of having his record store since 1999.

Do not look for the address of the new store of vinyl Noise. Or instead, look for the Web address, because its creator, Jean-François Rioux, a veteran worker of the music here, has decided to launch a shop of disks online, not only for Montréal, but lovers 33 rpm throughout the province.


Shop vinyl new, classic and alternative, has a double strategy. The beating heart of the Din — go, you have been told, it is in the — located in the district of Villeray, in Montreal, and it is from there that Jean-François Rioux can even deliver the orders made in the surrounding area. But his site simple and user-friendly, all in French, is also intended “to canadian customers, which tastes a little specific,” and who wants to order online, summarizes the one who has been a record store for 13 years to The Oblique.


“If you’re in the Saguenay, you don’t shops have a vinyl independent, you’re forced to go through Amazon. We wanted to avoid that. And we are getting good prices because we don’t really rent, it pays a small space, it is not 100 employees, so we can afford to take smaller profit percentages. “


Jean-François Rioux, who has long been the team of the festival Diapason in Laval, has a favourable bias for the pressings today, for vinyl new — and therefore not ” the old Pink Floyd 1967 smelly in the ground “. He keeps in stock a lot of what he likes and that he had trouble finding in Montreal.


“It has very good music stores here, one is pampered. In spite of everything, before I opened shop, I was walking and I was looking for some discs that I didn’t find classics or new releases. “So he has found a way to resolve his problem.


The Din, which was launched in September, will have a large selection of local music, all styles, promises Rioux. It wants also to be unavoidable — such as David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Miles Davis, Nirvana or Sonic Youth — and new indie, like King Gizzard, Godspeed You ! Black Emperor, Chad Vangaalen. “I call it modern rock, which is today and which will perhaps become a classic in 15 years. I hope to dig up before the other, or just present artists who are, unfortunately, unknown. “


His Achilles heel ? The hip-hop, which he is not an enthusiast, or what is very pop. “But I command to those who want to and who are a little more patient. Recently, I brought a vinyl Beyoncé for someone who wanted to be in business with a record shop local. “


Another difficulty : to avoid the delivery charges too high, which often increase the bill. The Din allows in any case to the people ” to consolidate their purchases “, and Jean-François Rioux would love to incorporate free shipping in the future.




Jean-François Rioux-cherished dream of having his record store since 1999. At the time, already he had begun to amass CD, buy crates here and there to make a fund trade.


“I had a pseudo-partner in the time, and in a moment he was unmotivated, he found it difficult to have a local, we dropped the project and it turned out well, in fact, because the CD began to sting of the nose” for some time after.


Have a storefront still trying to Rioux, but the case of shops who see their rents rise quickly and are thus taken by the throat financially discouraged.

There is a project that is going to not just be a store, but a meeting point in the different districts
Jean-François Rioux

The option that it prefers for the moment : that of the ” pop-up shop “. One day per month, the record store account is to install in a bar in the corner, EtOH, rue Jarry, with crates of vinyl records and why not, the recent order of the music lovers who could pick up their precious objects, while discovering a local trade.


“And there’s a project that is going to not just be a store, but a meeting point in the different districts. And in the summer, I would like to see people cycling to deliver, to be ecological and that it happens as easily as possible. “Without drum or trumpet, The Din starts to make noise.