The Director of the movie “X-Men” is accused of iznasilovani

The Director of “X-Men” Bryan singer accused of raping a minor. The filmmaker is alleged to have committed the illegal act in Seattle on the boat.


One Cesar Sanchez-Guzman accused the singer of molesting him in 2003 on the party, which took place in Seattle. So, the Director allegedly offered him to walk on the yacht, and when they were in the bedroom, the singer closed the door and forced Sanchez-Guzman to engage with him in sexual act. From responded negatively to the proposal, then the Director pushed him on the sofa and committed the violence.

After a time, the singer met up with Cesar, noting that he is a Director in Hollywood and will help the victim to find employment, if he will keep quiet about the incident. The singer also told Sanchez that no one would believe, if he did divulge all the moments of that evening.