The Director of the Oscar-winning Moonlight has released a trailer for the new film

Режиссер оскароносного Лунного света выпустил трейлер нового фильма

In the network appeared the first trailer of the drama “If Bill street could talk”. It was directed by Barry Jenkins, whose painting “Moonlight” last year has received “Oscar” for best film. Video published on the Youtube channel of the company Annapurna Pictures, which distributes the strip.

The story tells of the lovers of Harlem — Fonni and Tish. They dream to get married, but the guy is accused of rape he did not commit. Despite all the attempts of relatives to prove his innocence – Fonni goes to prison. In parallel, Tish was pregnant with his child.

The film starred Kik lane, Teyona Paris, Stephan James, Colman Domingo, Michael beach, Diego Luna, Dave Franco, Pedro Pascal, and others.

The plot of the film based on the eponymous novel by American writer James Baldwin. Jenkins previously said that the works of this author identified the time (1960-70), and remain relevant to this day.

World premiere “If Bill street could talk” will be held next month at the Toronto film festival. And the film will be released November 30.

As previously reported, Barry Jenkins plans to shoot the Thriller “the Expatriate”, in which the main role will be performed by Chadwick Bosman (“Black Panther”).

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