The disaster has dealt a blow to Ukraine

Стихия нанесла удар по Украине

Rescuers told about the consequences of bad weather

The State service for emergency situations told about the consequences of bad weather in Ukraine were left without electricity 238 settlements, and damaged nearly 200 homes, the report said gschs.

According to rescuers, the most affected settlements in Khmelnytsky and Lviv regions, reports

“June 12, from-for complications of weather conditions (hail, thunderstorm, wind gusts) in the result of operation of protection systems power lines de-energized 238 settlements in seven regions, namely: Khmelnitsky – 61, Lviv – 59, Chernivtsi – 48, Transcarpathian – 42, Vinnytsia – 20, Cherkasy – 5, Kyiv – 3”, – stated in the message.

Now employees of power companies work to restore electricity in the affected disaster areas.

As for damage to housing, but only in Irshava and Tyachiv district, Transcarpathian region suffered roof 194 private homes, and 22 public buildings in eight settlements.

As reported, in Transcarpathia was held a terrible hailstorm. In some areas, and also in the regional center of Uzhgorod was raining heavily and dropped hail the size of a walnut. In social networks people have posted a shocking video.

Also from the disaster suffered and Chernivtsi. The two districts were hit by hail and a severe thunderstorm. The storm raged for less than an hour, but in social networks there appeared a lot of photos with gradinii the size of a large cherry, as well as flooded streets.