The Dow Jones is more than 25, 000 points for the first time

Photo: Bryan R. Smith, Agence France-Presse
The Dow Jones has crossed a symbolic threshold, only a few weeks after, on the 30th of November the bar of 24 000 points.

Wall Street, driven by a favorable indicator on employment in the United States, has opened up on Thursday and took the Dow Jones for the first time in the session at the top of the bar 25, 000 points.


Around 9: 55, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the index feature of Wall Street, advancing 0.44 %, or 108,42 points, to 25 031,10 points.


The Nasdaq, in high coloring technology, gaining 0.20 per cent, or 14,03 points, 7079,56 points.


The expanded index S&P 500 grew 0.34 %, or 9,18 points, 2722,24 points.


The New York stock Exchange, supported by the price of oil and the technology sector, had already ended at records on Wednesday, the S&P 500 closing for the first time above the threshold of 2700 points (+0,64 %), the Dow Jones increased 0.40 % and the Nasdaq 0.84 %.


Just after the opening Thursday, the Dow Jones has crossed a symbolic threshold, only a few weeks after, on the 30th of November the bar of 24 000 points.


“U.s. equities continue their progression from the beginning of the year, boosted by a new dose of economic data favourable in China and Europe, and a report of better-than-expected employment “, in the United States, commented the analysts of Schwab.


Job creation in the private sector jumped in December, according to the monthly survey by the it services company ADP released Thursday, the private sector, creating 250 000 new posts after 185 000 in November.


“The figures of ADP are considered as a prelude to the employment figures expected on Friday,” noted Patrick O’hare of Briefing, adding that it is important to note that the two statistics are not necessarily linked.


Very taken into account by the u.s. central bank (Fed) in the development of its monetary policy, the monthly data on employment are expected Friday.


Entries weekly jobless claims have increased slightly, misleading analysts ‘ estimates, according to the official figures of the department of labour.


The bond market declined : the yield on Treasury bills to 10 years amounted to 2,474 %, compared to 2,447 % Wednesday night, and that good for 30 years progressed to 2,802 %, compared to 2,786 % the day before.