The e-mail to Instagram soon that is compatible with your computer!

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The e-mail of Instagram makes progress!

The social media is the trial of an e-mail to a compatible computer and web browser, a logical follow-up to the recent announcement of the integration of the messaging services WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram.

The least we can say is that the social platforms are the group’s Facebook are decompartmentalized – at least on the plane of the e-mail.

The interest to integrate the messaging of the trio Messenger-WhatsApp-Instagram-aims to increase opportunities for exchanges between subscribers regardless of the application chosen at the start.

That says more exchanges and said more personal data produced, said advertising revenue for the group of Mark Zuckerberg.

In the case that occupies us today, it is the platform Instagram, which is to talk about it through the blogger Jane Manchun (@wongmjane) who has posted a screenshot on his Twitter account. It professionals would be to develop an e-mail directly compatible with our computers and web browsers.

In other words, the features absent from the web version of Instagram – like messaging direct DM and uploads of photos – would be available in the future on your Windows PC or Mac.

A web version could do Instagram Direct, an alternative more complete to text messages rather than a simple feature of sharing photo and video.

The messages represent an important factor of engagement that attracts users to an application and know that friends can receive it anywhere, can get users to send more.

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Even if Facebook does monetizes not Instagram Direct itself, users can still be exposed to more ads, waiting for responses