The education Ministry issued a public discussion of changes in the conditions of admission to universities for 2019

Минобразования вынесло на общественное обсуждение изменения условий приема в вузы на 2019 год

The Ministry of education and science has introduced the public discussion of changes to the terms of admission to universities in 2019. The draft amendments posted on the website of the Ministry of education today, September 4, and to submit proposals until 19 September 2018.

It is expected that next year for admission to universities will accept the certificates in 2018 and 2019 on all subjects, and 2017 – from all except the assessments for foreign languages.

It is planned to amend the timing of the opening campaign, the bulk of which should be shorter. In particular, bachelor’s degree in electronic registration offices will begin at 9 days before the submission of applications is 1 July, and the reception of applications and documents on the budget will be held from 10 to 22 July.

To prevent corruption, the creative competitions of the Ministry of education plans to spend up to the main session of EIT from 16 March to 15 may. At the same time will be an additional session of creative contests with 1 to 22 July, but only on contract.

Next year will earn the mechanism for priority applicants enrollment in the medical and pedagogical universities, who want to work in the villages, which will improve the level of staffing in the health and education sectors in rural areas.

We are talking about entering the specialty branches of knowledge “Education/Pedagogy” and “health”, which shall conclude an agreement on working out for at least three years in a village or settlement of city type.

It is also planned to expand the practice of establishing a minimum score for admission to a specialty with a particularly high level of social responsibility, particularly in the specialty branch of knowledge “Law”, “Public management and administration” and “International relations”, specialty “pharmacy, industrial pharmacy”.

The innovation of this year – a fixed list of competitive subjects for admission after 11 classes for undergraduate – are encouraged to leave and to join 2019. Recall that fixed was two competitive subject, and the third entrant could choose from two alternatives.

Regarding benefits important change is that they are accessible to combatants not only to participants of the ATO/OOS, but also to all the entrants in this category.

For admission to the master’s will extended the list of specialties on which it will be necessary to take the unified entrance exam in a foreign language technology EIT.

For the first time this year will be recruitment of applicants for a Junior bachelor’s degree, two certificates.

Another of the major innovations – for admission to the bachelor on the basis of Junior specialist in speciality “Economy” and specialties industry knowledge “Management and administration” will have to submit certificates of testing on the Ukrainian language and literature. And for admission on the basis of Junior specialist bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in the medical field would be a mandatory certificate of passing a licensing integrated exams “KROK-M”.

Recall, for admission to institutions of higher education to obtain the educational degrees of the bachelor in 2018 have submitted 146 85 thousand students. According to the results of external independent assessment of 222 participants were able to get the maximum score for the test.

In April, the Ministry of education announced the number of budget places in universities in 2018 – 191,1 thousand.

The lists of candidates to the budget places in universities were made public on 2 August. To 6 August inclusive accepted the documents for admission. Then started the translation for vacancies budget.

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