The education Ministry issued a public discussion of new edition of the Ukrainian orthography

Минобразования вынесло на общественное обсуждение новую редакцию украинского правописания

The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine issued for public discussion a new draft of the Ukrainian orthography. It is published on the Agency’s website.

“The new draft of the Ukrainian orthography, developed on the Foundation of traditions of the Ukrainian spelling with the new language phenomena which are spreading in various spheres of social, scientific and cultural life”, – stated in the message.

The new edition should codify the basic, most common spelling or controversial provisions.

In the new edition offer to fix a single spelling rules hyphenated Eastern (Arab, Turkic, etc.), names in transliteration, if they point to social position, family relations etc., and also with the service with the words: Kerim-Aga, Ismai l Bay, Tursun-zadeh Osman Pasha, Mirza Khan (but Khan). Previously this rule was only for the Turkic names with components Pasha: the Gedik Pasha.

The document also propose to fix that before the abbreviation, the name of the first letter which is a vowel is written with the preposition “in”: the IMF, the NBU, and not “the national Bank”. Before this rule was also absent for abbreviations.

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