The elected male must denounce the harassment, says Nathan Cullen

Photo: Adrian Wyld, The canadian Press
The mp néodémocrate Nathan Cullen, in October last

Ottawa — mps males must contribute to bring a change of culture on Parliament Hill, and to combat sexual misconduct, said the mp néodémocrate Nathan Cullen, who intends to collaborate with its colleagues in all parties in this matter.


According to him, the “ecosystem” of a parliament which gathers employees, lobbyists and elected officials, can create a space where there can be blurred personal and professional life.


“We spent long hours away from home,” he said. The professional environment is clean, but there are also the receptions and opportunities that allow people, voluntarily or not, to cause harm or hurt to understand a relationship. That, I have observed. “


The minister of the Environment Catherine McKenna — who has publicly insurgent against those who nicknamed it “Climate Barbie” sites on the Internet — argues that these cases of harassment must be fought in Parliament and in any workplace. According to her, movements like #MoiAussi will only be effective if they are supported by actions.


“If we don’t act, what example will we be for girls and boys ?, said Ms. McKenna. I have two daughters. I have a son. Will we make our world a better, safer, more equal for all ? “


The canadian Press recently conducted a survey last month from the local federal on the issue of sexual misconduct. Of the 38 respondents (out of 89 elected), more than half reported having already experienced a form of sexual misconduct whether through comments, messages, texts and comments on social networks that are inappropriate or even gestures. Four women reported having ever experienced sexual harassment in the course of their duties, and three say they have suffered a sexual assault.


Nearly half of the respondents said to have been the subject of inappropriate comments on social networks.


“It hurts me, disturbs me, but it does not surprise me, recognized Mr. Cullen. It is a testimony to the environment that we have allowed to exist. I do not know as it compares with other work environments, but the Parliament must be an example of a safe place for the people who work there. “


The leader of the green Party, Elizabeth May, of the opinion that we can start to solve the problem when the deputies male will denounce the unacceptable behaviour as soon as they know. “If you hear something inappropriate at a meeting of your caucus, be sure to tell your fellow males “, she advises.


“To change this culture and to have elected males who will really understand that feminists do exist will be important. “


The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer said that the complaint process established in the last parliament will evolve at the pace of the incidents. When he was speaker of the House of commons, he remembers, the reforms received strong support. “The representatives of all the political parties are really motivated to improve the situation. This was not a partisan debate. It was rather :’let’s try to find something that will work’.”