The end for the magazine ” English-speaking “Ricardo”

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SAINT-LAMBERT | The paper version of the English culinary magazine “Ricardo” will cease shortly, has announced that RICARDO Media, Tuesday.

Distributed to 75 000 copies six times per year in English Canada, the magazine of Ricardo Larrivée will publish its last issue on march 18.

RICARDO Media said that despite growth in subscribers and sales since its launch five years ago, this English language publication could not be cost-effective.

“The structure of distribution of our magazine in English Canada we are required to deliver over 70 % of our sales to distributors and to retailers, then the revenue generated by advertising in canadian magazines, including ours, continue to flee to the GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft),” said the company.

The English-language website of Ricardo remains, as are his publications on the social networks. The company was founded by Ricardo Larrivée claims that more than a million English-speaking consult its website on a monthly basis.

The French version of the magazine “Ricardo” is not affected by this closure.

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