The escalation in the Azov sea was provoked by the Ukrainian authorities, detaining the ship Nord – expert

Эскалацию в Азовском море спровоцировала украинская власть, задержав судно Норд - эксперт

The Ukrainian government had to calculate the possible escalation when detained in the Azov sea, Russian ship “Nord”. This broadcast channel “112 Ukraine” said political analyst Pavel Rudyakov.

“C “Pogodin” (the Russian ship that was blocked in the port of Kherson – ed) it’s a different situation, but with the “Nord” it all began then the escalation, as if it was our step. You see, we theoretically discussing these things, I think there’s a very clear calculation. First, the commercial, because the build-up of naval fleet is good business. Even if we are talking about those katerkah, even if we bought them or the Americans gave us, anyway, “Ukroboronprom” on this a little bit earned. Earned more than the lost ship owners who are suffering right now in the Azov sea from Russian detention”, – he said.

“And besides, there is a political calculation. Sometimes I want to assume that we have the power of stupid people, but this is not so. We have smart people in power, but smart in his own way, for themselves, for many of them. And in this case it was our step. Do people in power is not calculated the possible from the Russian side in this escalating military pressure?” – added the analyst.

I think the situation with the “Nord” didn’t have to bring to some kind of punitive sanctions. If we are talking about the property, so it was necessary to seize the property or to issue orders and then through the international jurisprudencia to bring to win. And we provoked escalation”, – he concluded.

We will remind, on March 25, 2018, the State border service of Ukraine detained in the Azov sea the vessel “Nord” under the flag of Russia, was in the annexed Crimea. On Board were 10 people. They all had passports of citizens of Russia, issued in Kerch. The ship has violated the procedure of exit from the occupied territory of Ukraine. He was escorted to Berdyansk. Later, the court arrested the ship.

6 APR Kherson city court took custody till may 31 the captain of the Kerch ship “Nord” Vladimir Gorbenko with the right to make 35 240 bail. Later, the lawyer said that for the sailor made bail.

Note that another Russian ship, “the Mechanic Pogodin” was blocked in the port of Kherson for three years.

Эскалацию в Азовском море спровоцировала украинская власть, задержав судно Норд - эксперт

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