The ex-ceo of the Société des traversiers du Québec Georges Farrah showed the finger

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The ex-liberal mp Georges Farrah, recently appointed deputy minister for Transport by the government Legault, will have to keep away from the records of the Société des traversiers du Québec, that he directed during the acquisition of the controversial NM. F.-A. Gauthier.

It is this that has assured the office of the minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, after the Parti québécois has caught the attention of the media on the last promotion granted by the council of ministers, Mr. Farrah.

When they were in the opposition, many members of parliament caquistes, Eric Cairo, Benoit Charette and Donald Martel have accused Philippe Couillard have appointed Mr. Farah to the position of associate secretary general at the ministère du Conseil exécutif, responsible for the Secrétariat aux affaires maritimes, shortly after his departure from the STQ.

The one that the CAQ has often referred to “winning at life” has yet been named, on the 31st October last, to the post of deputy minister for Transport, was surprised that the mp pq to Bonaventure, Sylvain Roy, deploring a lack of coherence.


While the acting president and ceo of STQ, Francois Bertrand, has just been fired by Mr. Bonnardel because of the setbacks of the NM F.-A. Gauthier, Mr. Roy recalled that this is Georges Farrah, who was at the controls of the State company when the vessel was purchased at the Italian shipyard Fincantieri.

“It’s surreal, it’s almost a Hollywood film, has launched Mr. Roy on the airwaves of a radio station in the gaspé. […] The acting director of is shown the door, and the individual responsible for the purchase of the F.-A. Gauthier has a promotion. It is nothing to understand.”

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In the margins of the caucus caquiste, Wednesday, Mr. Bonnardel was explained that after elections, his government has made to repatriate the maritime Strategy the department of Transport. Under Philippe Couillard, it was under the department of the prime minister or the executive Council.

“So Georges Farrah has the same role, the same position he had before,” summarized the minister of Transport.

“A good person”

A few months ago, the CAQ had accused Philippe Couillard of “surround himself with incompetent” with appointments such as those of Pietro Perrino and Georges Farrah. Eric Cairo had also demanded the government to remove the permanence given to these last two.

When asked by journalists whether he considers that Mr. Farrah is responsible, “I believe that that is a good person, that does the job properly,” retorted Mr. Bonnardel.

“When I have someone at work in my ministry, even though it is not on a tablet. It should work”, he added.

While Eric Cairo suspected the government Couillard of trying to protect Mr. Farrah in refusing to ask the Auditor general to investigate the problems of the STQ, this is now the CAQ, which refuses the PQ to take this survey.

During the election campaign, the chief caquiste François Legault was also committed to terminate the employment of Pietro Perrino, a “liberal,” well-known”. The latter is still in post as secretary-general, lent it to the SQDC.