The Executive Committee of the Ukrainian choice considering the statements of the attorney General Lutsenko as political pressure

Исполком Украинского выбора рассматривает заявления генпрокурора Луценко как политическое давление

The Executive Committee of the Public movement “the Ukrainian choice” is considering the application of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko as political pressure. A statement published on the website of the movement.

We are talking about Lutsenko’s statement, which he made at a joint briefing with the Deputy head of SBU Vitaly Malikov and Director KNIISE Alexander Ruvin.

“In any case I can use only proven in the lawful plane facts. At this point sufficient evidence to grant the procedural status of Medvedchuk some other, in addition to the witness, the investigation is no. We carefully studied the Association of Nadiya Savchenko, even in the 90-ies, with okololegochnykh social structures. We carefully study the context, its associated entities and with Mr. Medvedchuk, but now the investigation has by the evidence, which I can operate in the public sphere” – quoted in the Executive Committee of the attorney General.

The report notes that such statements Lutsenko are false because Victor Medvedchuk has no status in the said case and for other things there is no legal basis.

The Executive Committee believe that the statement of Lutsenko was aimed to justify the made in March this year, the statement of the head of the SBU about the relationship of the Ruban and the “Ukrainian choice”, which has already been refuted by the movement and to put pressure on Medvedchuk.

“Second, the main goal of this fake, voiced by Yuriy Lutsenko, is to exert political pressure on Viktor Medvedchuk as a supporter of peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbas, execution of Minsk agreements, to restore relations with the Russian Federation and the CIS countries”, – assured the Executive Committee.

The statement said that the movement connects such accusations and other provocations, with political positions and ideas of Viktor Medvedchuk, which he defends.

We will note, today at a briefing Yury Lutsenko said that the investigation examines the Association of the Hope Savchenko and Vladimir Ruban Viktor Medvedchuk and his entourage, not only in recent years, but in 1990-ies. However, the investigation now there is no any evidence to show that any status other than a witness: “We are exploring the possibility links it with any anti-Ukrainian activities. And not only in this matter,” – said Lutsenko.

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