The expert explained how politicians earn points on the ecology of Ukraine

One of the most acute problems in Ukraine is the low ecological responsibility, and the use of the protection of the environment for political manipulation without the least civilized attempts to resolve the situation.

It was the responsibility of politicians who are simply speculating on the subject, and the citizens who suffer from its environmental ignorance, noted in the blog of candidate of economic Sciences, honored conservationists Ukraine Svyatoslav Kurulenko, published in the “observer”.

As an example, the expert gave the news about mass actions in major industrial centers of Ukraine under the name “Want to breathe”. Its purpose organizers called complex modernization of filtration equipment and the installation of additional gas analyzers at the main sources of emissions, which they demanded from local authorities and from the leadership of the enterprises polluting the environment.

“That’s good, right and should be done. Moreover, environmental issues should apply the system approach. And active the public has to control the ecological balance between business and community. In other words, the business needs to make money, adding to the budgets while not forgetting our environmental responsibility. On the other hand, at the legislative level, and so it is done. Any environmental program the enterprise is being developed jointly with the competent government agencies and by them approved. In the context of the implementation of Directive 2010/75/EU and implementation of the integrated permit large industrial enterprises are forced to introduce so-called best available technology,” said Kurulenko, adding that in this case the protesters turned it into a “europapolitik” and not an effective tool in the fight for a clean city.

So, the protesters appealed to the Ministry of ecology and natural resources to immediately adopt European standards of maximum permissible concentration of pollution of air, water and soil, without taking into account the fact that in Ukraine, many standards of emissions of harmful substances is much less than in such developed countries, such as Germany.

“Against this background, the requirements of some of our politicians sound illogical. As an example, we are told about the European approaches to the solution of environmental problems of enterprises, and we have them and follow implementarea EU Standards. But speaking about their introduction, while leaving the standards of the Ukrainian, we drive the situation into a dead end, as the tightening of the rules above European levels (and some Ukrainian laws regarding tens and sometimes hundreds of times higher than the European) will lead to greater financial costs and make problematic the implementation of European Standards for the application of the best available technology,” — emphasizes the expert.

Another serious problem that draws the attention Kurulenko is the opacity of the calculation of environmental fines in Ukraine. Thus, they aren’t going to improve environmental conditions, and unknown pockets. In conjunction with the still useless protests that only confirms that seriously engage in environmental activities in Ukraine nobody wants.

“The bottom line: the action in masks and penalties may not be effective. To improve the environmental situation requires specific actions and a work plan for businesses and for public authorities. Do not deny that the existing environmental system is hopelessly outdated. But to punish, while not offering specific solutions and promoting their implementation – the path to nowhere… So while I have the feeling that the ongoing Ukraine environmental action is someone’s deliberate manipulation, not the will of ordinary people. Such methods can be used to raise the hype and be promoted well before the election, but it will not help the population of industrial cities “easier to breathe” — summed up Kurulenko.

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