The expert expressed surprise over the announcement of Saakashvili on the wanted list

Rostislav Ishchenko, head of the Center of forecasting and analysis system, in an interview spoke about the recent announcement of a prominent politician Mikhail Saakashvili on the wanted list.


Ishchenko said that the announcement of the former Governor of Odessa region wanted quite ridiculous, as the representatives of the Prosecutor General of the Ukrainian state knows where at the moment is Mikhail Saakashvili. Earlier the Prosecutor’s office gave official sanction to the detention of Saakashvili, for which it needed to be transported to the hearing, where he will choose a measure of restraint. And the announcement of Michael wanted not be anything new, as with Saakashvili planning to go the same way as before.

Rostislav Ishchenko also noticed that the current task of Saakashvili is to hold the attention of the public, with the support of the oligarchs and other influential politicians, which so far it certainly copes.