The explosion in Bologna: the Number of injured has risen to 145 people, four in serious condition

Взрыв в Болонье: Количество пострадавших выросло до 145 человек, четверо в тяжелом состоянии

The number of victims after an explosion in Bologna, Italy, has grown to 145 people. It is reported by Bologna Today.

The publication said that four of the injured are still in serious condition, but at the moment their life is not threaten.

In addition, it was clarified the number of victims. According to the latest information the Italian authorities, they are no longer two, but one is a truck driver with the fuel tank.

It is also reported that authorities evacuated residents of homes near the site of the explosion. Now the grounds and buildings on it check experts.

Recall, August 6 on the road in the district of Bologna was an explosion followed by fire on the highway near the airport. According to preliminary information, exploded a liquefied gas, which was in one of the cars. The explosion collapsed the viaduct and partially collapsed motorway bridge. The explosion in the asphalt pavement the hole was formed.

Previously reported two dead and 84 wounded. Later, the number of victims has risen to hundreds. The fire exploded several dealers who were near the scene of the accident.

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