The famous British model starred in an intimate video

Daisy Lowe, the famous British fashion model, regularly pleases her fans with candid photos on the page in social network Instagram. This time 28-year-old girl surprised everyone intimate video.


Daisy Lowe has become a model for more than 13 years ago. At the age of 15, she signed a contract with the London Agency and since then shone on the covers of fashion publications. Recently Daisy Lowe was struck by its users in the microblog. The girl published a photo, which partially bared Breasts. In one day, the publication has garnered over 9 thousand likes and over 150 comments.

Also recently the girl started acting in a spicy video. One of the last caused quite a sensation and rave reviews of fans of centerfolds. The footage the girl bathes and takes off his clothing remnants.