The famous singer Elton John left the stage during a performance

Знаменитый певец Элтон Джон покинул сцену во время выступления

During a recent Elton John concert in Las Vegas annoying fan forced the singer to leave the stage.

The incident occurred in the famous complex at Caesar’s Palace during a performance of the song Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting. When the musician played, surrounded by fans, one of them persistently tried to touch the idol and asked to “give five.” At some point, John got angry, shouted “F**k off!” and went away.

Later the singer returned to continue the performance, but made an angry appeal to the fans.

“No one else will take the stage during a performance Saturday Night. You ruined everything.”

This is not the first incident with Elton John for the last time. A little earlier in the concert there, in Caesar’s Palace, the musician almost knocked out his teeth, leaving his face weighty beads.