The film is Denis Villeneuve’s best-selling novel by Frank Herbert dune will be filmed in two parts

Фильм Дени Вильнева по бестселлеру Фрэнка Герберта Дюна будет снят в двух частях

Brian Herbert, the producer of the new film on the bestseller by Frank Herbert’s “dune”, said Denis Villeneuve filmed the novel in two parts. He wrote about this in his Twitter.

“Just received the fourth draft of the script of “Dune” from the Studio Legendary Pictures. This is for the first film, it will cover about half of the book. I am happy and satisfied that will be the case, and begin to work deep into the night”, – stated in the message.

As previously reported, the main role in the film will play Timothy Salame.

Novel by Frank Herbert has more than 400 pages and raises a number of important aspects — political, environmental and others.

As THR writes, many fans were worried that adequately fit the whole story into two hours of screen time would be impossible, and the movie will fail at the box office, as it did with “Dune” by David Lynch.

“Dune” is the first novel by Frank Herbert from the Saga “Chronicles of Dune” on the sand planet Arrakis, where you dominate the sandworms, and the population hid in caves. The main resource of the planet — the substance, known as spice. For power on Arrakis, known as dune, fighting house Atreides and the Harkonnen.

The novel was published in 1965 and has won two major science-fiction award — “Hugo” and “nebula”. In 2003, “dune” has sold 20 million copies and was named chief fantastic a bestseller around the world.

Recall that on the novel by Stephen king “Almost like a Buick” will be filmed.

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