The first jobs of the five richest people in the world

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There is no single way to become rich. The beginnings of the largest fortunes of the globe are proof.

Jeff Bezos

The richest man in the world began his career in a startup company of telecommunication of which he was the 11th employee. He worked as a computer programmer before being promoted to the position of director of customer service.

Today, the founder of Amazon worth $ 131 billion.

Bill Gates

In the 1970s, Bill Gates was in his twenties and sold already software that he developed in his dorm room of a Harvard MITS Altair, the manufacturer of the first personal computer.

Some time later, he left Harvard to start Microsoft. His fortune is estimated to be 91.3 billion.

Warren Buffett

The financial the most famous of our time, began very early to build their expertise.

The legend wants that at only 11 years old, he bought his first share in the stock market. Multiplying the odd jobs, he sold the stamp collection, golf balls used and distributed by the Washington Post to support the liquidity of its investments.

Today 88-year-old, he has 80,2 billion and is an investor recognized in the entire world with his company Berkshire Hathaway.

Bernard Arnault

The president of the luxury brand recognized LVMH has perhaps not experienced the same tribulations as other great fortunes, but it has very quickly had great responsibilities.

After having finished his studies, he began working in the family business owned by his father. In a few years, he became CEO of the company, after having participated in a reconfiguration of its activities.

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It is worth $ 68.1 billion today.

Amancio Ortega

The founder of the fashion company Zara has left school at the age of 14 years old to work in the textile industry, where he sewed shirts by hand.

He then launched a confection of the dress rooms and lingerie with his family and dressmakers local, before opening the first store of Zara in his hometown of Galicia in Spain.

Since then, he has amassed $ 59.4 billion.