The first photo is the husband of Alena, Shoptenko showed a piece of the son

Alena gave birth to a boy, named Alex, 9 Jun. This is the first child of the dancer.

Первое фото - муж Алены Шоптенко показал кусочек сына

June 9 Ukrainian choreographer and finalist of the project “Dances with stars z” Alain Shoptenko first became a mother. Good news about the new addition to the family shared Elena’s husband Alex on their page Instаgram. Firstborn was named as the daddy — Aleksey.

Back in the day birth, Alex Sr. has published a photo, which holds the tag of a newborn baby blue colour and signed it:

“Welcome, Alexei. It’s not always hospitable, but sure you can handle it”, – signed photo of the newly-minted father.

Первое фото - муж Алены Шоптенко показал кусочек сына

The next day, the husband of Alena placed in the very first Instagram photo of funny baby and signed picture: “General sponsor of all “sorry, not today.”

Первое фото - муж Алены Шоптенко показал кусочек сына

The photo shows only the baby’s legs in a funny bodysuit with a print of Batman. The person of the son of Alena and Alexey has decided not to show to the public.

We will remind that 30-year-old Shoptenko said he is waiting for the child immediately after his participation in the dance project “Tantsi z with a stars”. The child’s father is a creative entrepreneur and brand strategist Alexey Ivanov, with whom Alena secretly married in 2016.

Last year in October, in his account of the mini-Instagram blog, Alena posted a touching picture with her husband and signed it so:

Первое фото - муж Алены Шоптенко показал кусочек сына

“Two years ago today I met the bully in the library. A year ago this day I married him. This is the fastest and most emotional decision I ever made in my life, but I’m happy that it happened this way. Thank you, the bully from the library for what you are and what around you never scared”.

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