The first trailer for the King outside the law showed the struggle for Scottish independence

Первый трейлер Короля вне закона показал борьбу Шотландии за независимость

In the network appeared the trailer for the historical drama “the King outside the law”, which tells the story of the Scottish monarch Robert the Bruce. Video appeared on the Youtube channel streaming service Netflix.

The story takes place in the XIV century. England seized power in Scotland and proclaimed her king Robert I the Bruce illegal ruler. The deposed monarch organizes a revolt to regain control of the country.

The main role in the movie performed by Chris pine (“Break time”, “Wonder woman”). Also in the movie played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“Anna Karenina”, “Godzilla”, “the Avengers: age of Ultron”). The Director, producer and co-author of the script of the film was directed by David Mackenzie (“Any price”, “Last love on Earth”).

“King of the outlaws” will be the opening film of the Toronto film festival, which will take place from 6 to 16 September. First tape Netflix will open so authoritative film festival. And the tape starts on 9 November.

Also at the festival will be shown Ukrainian film by Sergei Loznitsa “Donbass”, which received the directing prize at the Cannes film festival.

As previously reported, Netflix has released a trailer animation about a robot uprising “Next generation” educational Thriller “the Teacher”.

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