The first trailer of the film, based on the novel by Kuzma Scriabin

Вышел трейлер фильма, снятого по повести Кузьмы Скрябина

Directed by Ganka Tretyak presented the trailer for the feature film “the City where never go the money.” It’s loosely based on the novel of the deceased musician Andrei Kuzmenko (Kuzma Skryabin). The film will be released on September 13.

The plot begins with the main character Alice finds the ticket with his name on the train in an unknown direction. So she finds herself in a mysterious city, where everything is calculated to each other services. For example, for a taxi to jump through puddles on one leg. And to get a ticket for the train to run round station 32 times.

The Creator of the picture said he kept almost all the dialogues written by Kuzma. In the trailer for the film the voice of the musician, which was recorded in 2013.

The main role in the film played by Karina Melnichenko, Andrey Zhishkevich, Sergey, Shwidkiy, Inna Miroshnichenko. A statement by Denis Yakimchuk.

Recall, Kuzma Skryabin died in a car accident on 2 February 2015. After the death of the musician was a lot of stock in memory of him.

As previously reported, the network posted the trailer for the Ukrainian film by Sergei Loznitsa “Donbass”, which tells about life in the occupied territories in the East of Ukraine.

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