The first trailer of the film of the Ukrainian Donbass showed the paradox of war

Первый трейлер украинского фильма Донбасс показал парадокс войны

Published the first trailer of the film by Sergei Loznitsa “Donbass”, which tells about the people living in the zone of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The video appeared on the Facebook page of the company ATOMS & VOID, which was engaged in the creation of the tape.

The film consists of 13 intertwined stories that show different aspects of life in the occupied territories. The tape shows both fighters take a car from a local businessman, immigrants huddle in the basement, the official stealing from the hospital and removed the staged news for television. Loznica wrote the script paintings based on documentary clips uploaded by witnesses online.

Explaining the purpose of his tape, the Director said: “Donbass — is not a region, and the concept, and this is made possible because criminal attitudes — the basis of life, and many people living there, there is no ground under my feet.”

The tape said directing prize of UN certain regard at the Cannes film festival. Also the film was shown in the framework of the Munich and Odessa film festivals. In Ukrainian, the film will be released on 18 October.

“Donbass” was filmed in co-production Germany, France, Romania, Netherlands and Ukraine. In the tape meet the domestic actors George Deliev, Natalia Buz’ko, Tamara Yatsenko, Lyudmila Smorodina, Nina Antonova and others.

As previously reported, a new documentary Loznitsa “the Process” will be shown at the Venice film festival, which starts on August 29.

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