The foreign Ministry will first conduct assessment of employees and weed out unqualified personnel

МИД впервые проведет оценивание сотрудников и отсеет неквалифицированные кадры

The Ministry of foreign Affairs intend to assess employees in order to weed out unqualified cadres. This was told by foreign Ministry state Secretary Andrei Zayats, reports “European true”.

According to him, a third of the diplomats to perform their functions. The entire staff is divided into good employees, “locomotives”, which “carried on the back of all work”, on the middle level and “ballast”.

“Ballast will not be eliminated through competition. Contests allow you to weed out additional ballast, they ensure that new employees are qualified. And to get rid of the ballast, we will introduce an annual assessment. This year it has to go first,” said the Hare.

The diplomat stressed that the tender procedure is not yet adapted to the specifics of diplomatic service, so this year the competition will be conducted according to the method of the entire civil service.

According to the Secretary of state, now in the Ministry of foreign Affairs employs 640 people (diplomats and other personnel) abroad – twice.

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