The former Deputy chief of the Odessa customs spoke about the positive changes in Ukrainian customs.

The former Deputy chief of the Odessa customs Alexander Halkowski spoke about the positive changes in Ukrainian customs. About it reports “Business capital”, writes “UNIAN”

In particular, according to him, the customs began to be stopped, “gray” schemes.

“You can ask white importers, as they became easier to live and compete. White importers is the best indicator of the situation. They will tell you that a grey import or has to pay like everyone either stopped. The head of the State fiscal service Miroslav Sold changed the situation radically, although it was very difficult. It is an illusion that can come over in five minutes to change, to fight corruption, to disperse the crooks. The overhaul of the system is a rather complicated way. See how increased income from one container to the Odessa customs. In July 2017 with container on average were paid slightly more than $ 6 thousand, now – about 8 thousand dollars. The average weight of a decorated container (High Cube 40) – more than 13.5 tons, an increase of weight more than a ton, compared with last year. We for 7 months 2018 transferred to the budget of 15.5 billion UAH, and for the same period of 2016 – UAH 7.1 bn. It increased more than two times,” he said.

Also Helkowski told about arrest of the goods of a smuggler Denis Amineva, which could not agree with any regional custom of the “grey”.

“When the team Alexander Vlasov (head of the Odessa customs – ed.) in the spring of 2017 came to the Odessa customs, the protocols were drawn up precisely for the goods of the companies controlled by AMI and its partners. Making sure to negotiate, he will not succeed, he ceased working with the Odessa customs and began to carry goods (mainly shoes, fabric, etc.) in other regions, to other custom. In may of this year showed up again. The head of SFSU Miroslav Prodan did what no one before him at customs could not. Gray imports are not clamped on private Odessa customs, and throughout Ukraine. Shipping container from Odessa to Kiev costs about $ 700, from Odessa to Sumy – 1200 dollars. What sense to overpay for the transportation of the container, if neither in Kiev, nor in Sumy you will not allow to understate the customs value, will not be allowed to “play” with the weight, will not make a more expensive product under the guise of cheaper. Amineva and the group was forced to return to Odessa and to go to emerge as a “head”, – said Helkowski.

According to him, almost every load group Amineva were examined, produced weight control. The result Aminev got burned not by smuggling, but rather on the use of fictitious companies.

“One of the firms controlled by the group Amineva, brought to Odessa 37 containers, 9 of which were submitted for registration. According to him, we made 6 protocols revealed violations of customs rules. At this time our colleagues from Kiev, we received the signal, were interviewed the Director of this company. He admitted that he had registered the company, but to its further activities the relationship allegedly did not have. The goods of the company were arrested, and police seized the goods,” said Helkowski.

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