The former journalist Joe Schlesinger dies at the age of 90 years

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The former journalist emeritus of CBC, the chain English Radio-Canada, Joe Schlesinger, has died at the age of 90 years.

The news was announced Monday by his former employer.

Mr. Schlesinger was a well-known figure in the canadian television for several decades, having covered the events and the major political figures of the planet. “It was on St. Peter’s square, in Rome, in 1978 when John Paul II became pope, and in Tehran a year later, to the fall of the Shah” noted CBC News.

“My career is to roam the world, look to the universe to reveal himself and I am paid for it, had he told the Toronto Star in an interview in 2009. It is like the dream of a little boy.”

Joe Schlesinger was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1928. Subsequently, he spent part of his childhood in Czechoslovakia, where his family had moved.

At the end of the 1930s, his parents, of jewish confession, noting the rise of nazism, decided to send him, aged 11, and her brother of 9 years, in the United Kingdom in the framework of a programme of study for jewish children. It was in fact a secret operation to smuggle children out of the jews of occupied Europe.

His parents, themselves, have not survived the Holocaust.

Before joining the CBC in 1966, Mr. Schlesinger had worked for several other media, including the Toronto Star, the Associated Press, UPI and the Herald Tribune.

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