The former Manager of the Volkswagen got 7 years in prison on charges of “disilicate”

Former Manager of the American division Volkswagen’s Oliver Schmidt was sentenced to seven years imprisonment and sentenced him to a fine in the amount of $ 400,000. Schmidt was found guilty of understating the actual level of harmful emissions of diesel cars of the German mark, reports Reuters.


According to the sentencing district judge Sean Cox, Schmidt is the main person in the fraud associated with “desligada”. The judge added that due to the illegal actions of a top Manager could get a boost. Note that Oliver Schmidt was assigned the maximum possible punishment. During the trial, he repented of his actions.

Recall that two years ago, the U.S. Agency for environmental protection has accused Volkswagen of intentionally underreporting the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. The number of cars that are affected by “diesel scandal” reaches 11 million worldwide, 600,000 of them were sold in the United States. The company faces large fines for fraud, the amount of which may reach $ 90 billion.