The former participant “Houses-2” has gone missing in Moscow

Moscow lost a former participant of the project “Dom-2” Maria Politova. Her friend Artem Shnurov does not exclude that the girl is no longer alive.


The announcement of the loss of Mary Sanarov posted on its Facebook account and duplicated it on the page of the girl in Instagram. The young man said that the phone she left at home. Despite the fact that the quest connected police, Artem does not believe in success. He assumes the worst and asks you to contact him with any pertinent information.

Most of the subscribers tried to calm alarmed by the disappearance of the girl Shnurova. They urged him not to give up and hope for a favorable outcome. Some advised to involve in the search of a group of volunteers “Liza Alert”. Fans of the ex-member of telestroke believe that Mary is alive and just decided to escape for a while, to be alone with him. Those who regularly watch the “House-2” remember what happened with the girl and in “clearing”, so the reason for strong feelings in the regular disappearance of Natalia Politov did not see.