The former party Queen has accused a woman in the lock account in Instagram

A former member of the legendary band Queen Brian may was angry at a certain woman named Barbara Kramer for her complaint, after which the moderators of Instagram has blocked his account. About it he writes in the comments to the post.


May said he is always with all care, watching, in order to correctly put the copyright under the pictures posted on his page, but in this case the normal operation ex-guitarist of famous band forgot to do. On account of the musician there was a post from the moderators of the social network, announced the removal of the image because of the complaint of a third party for copyright infringement.
Mae resents the actions of Kramer.


In his opinion, it would be correct, if the woman appealed directly to him to in a positive way to resolve this dispute and not to contact Instagram. Social network the result not only took out the photograph itself, but also blocked the account of the musician. In order to restore it, it took him 45 minutes – a luxury for Brian may.