The founder of Wikipedia puts the encyclopedia into a system of “blockchain”

Larry Sanger and resource Agripedia (Everipedia) promote the idea of a new era of electronic encyclopedias. They will introduce Evripidou system “blockchain”.


According to the Creator of Europedia, the platform will quickly gain popularity and be much better loved by Wikipedia. The essence of the construction of the encyclopedia on the blockchain is that every user, when writing or updating articles will receive “points” which the company called IQ (a kind of encouraging “shareholders”). If you wish to amend on the page the user will pay IQ, and if the community with the observation agree, then the tokens will be returned.

As journalists VladTime, confidence in the success of the project is to neoteleostei this program. The fact that Wikipedia as a website banned by the government of some countries. Disable the resource on the blockchain is impossible. In addition, Agripedia, thanks to the acquisition of permanent financing, and grease up to receive articles not only from the database of Wikipedia, but also from the archives of rare books libraries in the world. It will attract using the platform of academicians and subsequently displays electronic encyclopedia to a new level of enjoyment and may even “kill” Wikipedia.

Now Everipedia – the biggest and most popular base of scientific data in the English-speaking world. Her approach to the more modern publications, and the use of more efficient, according to Western users.