The fourth season of Rick and Morty got a teaser in the style of anime

Четвертый сезон Рика и Морти обзавелся тизером в стиле аниме

The creators of the popular adult animated series “Rick and Morty” has published a teaser trailer of the fourth season of the show. The video appeared on the official movie page on Twitter.

Video filmed in the style reminiscent of anime and cartoons of the franchise “X-Men”. The main characters of the series appear in the teaser in the form of superheroes. Release date of the fourth season, is not specified.

Series writer Ryan Ridley had previously said that the release of the fourth season is scheduled for next year. And the Creator of the movie Justin Roiland said on Twitter that the project was extended to 70 episodes.

Recall the show “Rick and Morty” is released in October 2013. It tells of the fantastic adventures of mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty modest.

As previously reported, “Rick and Morty” has entered into ten series, which are often downloaded from pirate sites in 2017. Also, this film took fourth place in the ranking of the most popular series of the year version of the world’s largest databases of movie IMDb.

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