The French singer France Gall died at the age of 70 years

Photo: Jacques Demarthon Agence France-Presse
France Gall Palais des Sports, Paris, 1981

The singer France Gall, ” Poupée de cire, poupée de son “, who was also a Crystal in the Starmania her husband, died Sunday at the age of 70 years.


She would have succumbed to cancer, after being hospitalized on 27 December last year for a ” severe infection “.


France Gall, born Isabelle Gall, was born in Paris on 9 October 1947 in a family that carburait already to the music. His father, Robert Gall, has been a lyricist in particular, for Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour (he is the father of The Mamma).


France Gall began to sing as a teenager, encouraged by his father, in which it is in contact with the music editor Denis Bourgeois.


According to a biography written by Pierre Pernez, the relatives of the young singer had chosen him to find an artist name because there was already a French star, Isabelle Aubret, who bore his first name. Reluctantly, the girl adopted his new first name, France, and recorded his first album in 1963, at the age of 16 years.


The following year, the career of France Gall takes off for good with the great success of “Sacré Charlemagne” — a song written by her father that she has, by her own admission, hated it. The singer with the childlike voice starts a little later ” drop the girl “, a title signed Serge Gainsbourg, who begins to work with it.


Gainsbourg will also ” Doll of wax, doll of sound “, that will make him win the grand prize of the Eurovision contest in 1965. This episode happy leave him yet a bitter taste, because during that same evening, she will be dumped by the singer Claude François.


“I have not lived as a victory, because I had heart problems at that time which took me to the head, which means that I do not keep an extraordinary souvenir “, she confided to the daily Le Parisien in a big interview in 2015.


Gainsbourg himself wrote the famous song The Lollipops — a text with sexual connotations to which the interpreter did not immediately notice the double meaning. “It was horrible, it changed my relationship to boys… Big pig ! “, she says bursting into laughter at the same interview. “I didn’t want to Serge. I wanted to the whole earth, ” -she pointed to a broadcast by Canal + in 2012.


A decisive encounter : Michel Berger


After years the most difficult in his career, France Gall made in 1973 a meeting that will change his personal and professional life : that of the composer Michel Berger. With titles such as ” The Declaration “, Music and If Mom if Michel Berger relaunch the career of his new muse, whom he married in 1976.


“It was an extraordinary moment for me. I was doing music that I liked, with lyrics that I really liked. I épanouissais professionally and I was very much in my life as well, so it was happiness, ” she remembered during an interview on the television show Fréquenstar in 1993.


His meeting with Michel Berger also allowed him to get a role in the musical comedy Starmania composed by her husband and written by Luc Plamondon. “I’ve never been an actress because of this, I can’t embody a person other than me. In Starmania, I was not happy to play Crystal, because it was not me “, she confided in an interview with Paris Match in 2015.


In the following years, France Gall links the titles to success : Resist, All for the music, Unplug, and Ella it a. In 1993, she went up on stage to perform the album that she and her husband had recorded before he died of a heart attack a year earlier.


The couple Gall-Shepherd has given birth to two children, Pauline and Raphael. Their daughter Pauline has died of a serious illness at the age of 19 years, in 1997, which prompted the singer to withdraw from the public life. After this drama, she shares her life between Paris and Senegal. “I need to go there. I love to be out there, with the people of my village. I feel good. I saw, in fact, ” confided to the daily Le Parisien in 2015.

France Gall has crossed time thanks to his sincerity and his generosity. It leaves the songs that everyone is familiar with the French, and the example of a life focused on others, those she liked and those she helped.

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France Gall made by the following rare public appearances, but it will go back to the front of the stage in 2015 to present a musical performance, Resists, a story she has written and composed songs of her deceased husband. The show has received rave reviews in the French press and was a resounding popular success. The radio station RTL proclaims it ” the best musical since fifteen years “, while the RFI speaks of an ” enchant permanent “.


At the end of the year 2017, France Gall will experience health problems. In December, after having missed the funeral of Johnny Hallyday, it needs to be treated for a ” severe infection “. During his interview with The Parisian in 2015, the singer said to expect ” to live as long as possible “.


“I hope to continue to be creative, to love life and honor it. Since I am happy to wake up in the morning. “