The frigid temperatures could be detrimental to the festivities of the New year

Photo: Fred Chartrand, The canadian Press
Heritage Canada has announced the cancellation of some activities.

The wave of extreme cold weather sweeping the country threatens the festivities of the New Year.


In Ottawa, the celebrations had been put on ice, Friday morning, before the organizers do not take the decision to outright cancel some of the activities which were to conclude the 150th anniversary of the canadian federation.


Fireworks and a laser show will light up well and the sky of the capital at the stroke of midnight, but it will be without music, for fear that the necessary equipment does not freeze.


On the side of Québec, the producer of the events on the Grande Allée André Verreault, do not let impress by the mercury.


He pointed out that a large crowd had moved to the New Year’s eve four years ago, despite a cold, according to him, even more intense.


The festival began Wednesday, and the director of Action promotion Grande Allée already said, see that the temperature does not chill the enthusiasm of festival-goers.


“The people are dressed, people are accustomed to. In Quebec, there is a winter city, avance-t-il. It was full of beautiful white snow. It’s a beautiful sun, it is the advantage that when it is cold. “


Mr. Verreault said wait for some 160 000 people on the site, where a ferris wheel, a zip line and a slide, in particular, were appointed, along with two outdoor stages.


In Montreal, the organization of the Party of the New Year is also due to go before.


Martin Durocher, Montreal Festivals, recognizes that the preparations are not without pitfalls.


The workforce had to be doubled in order to allow employees to take breaks to warm up.


A drop-in heat has been added in the Bonsecours market and will remain open until the morning, ” he says.


The show of the Jacques-Cartier quay will be ensured, among others, by Daniel Bélanger, Vincent Vallières, Pierre Kwenders, Laurence Nerbonne, Deuxluxes and DJ KXO.


Mr Durocher admits to have waived greater assistance than last year, but all the same on the presence of some 150,000 revelers.


Environment Canada does not anticipate a rise in the mercury before the 2nd of January. The meteorologist Alexandre Parent is reluctant, however, to speak of a genuine thaw, as temperatures will remain below normal.