The FSB said that he had found a gun under the seat of a car in Ukrainka at the entrance to the Crimea

В ФСБ заявили, что нашли пистолет под сидением авто у украинки при въезде в Крым

On the administrative border with annexed Crimea by the Russian border guards seized a gun from a citizen of Ukraine while crossing the checkpoint. It is reported TASS with reference to the “border Department of the FSB”.

“After checking the documents for crossing the state border of the Russian Federation, the owner of foreign cars Ford has provided transportation for inspection in the course of which under the driver’s seat, the guards found a gun of unknown model, a store and eight rounds of ammunition caliber 9 mm,” – said in the message.

Noted that the Ukrainian wanted to cross the checkpoint “Armyansk”.

“The presence of prohibited items across the state border, the woman explained that the weapon belongs to her father, which he carried with him in self-defense,” – said in the “control”.

Russian border guards confiscated weapons for examination.

We will remind that earlier Russian police detained at the railway station in Moscow conductor Exactly Sergey Bugaychuk, who is accused of selling weapons. According to the lawyer, “he was not arrested on the hot, the case is based only on the testimony of two citizens of Russia do not understand”.

In annexed to the Crimea, the “guards” stopped the citizen of Ukraine for her father’s gun. The weapons were seized for examination, but the woman was not detained

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