The game Forgotton Anne looks really beautiful

Le jeu Forgotton Anne a l’air vraiment très beau

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You need good in your life? Square Enix Collective offers Forgotton Anne (yes, Forgotton), a game scheduled for the end of may, which recalls the magical universe of films of Studio Ghibli.

Forgotton Anne is an adventure game in 2D with elements of puzzle and platformer, but most of all, with an art style beautiful. Visually inspired by the anime of the 80’s, the game developed by ThroughLine Games risk to delight the nostalgic seeking an adventure with a deep story.



“We believe we have created a universe which not only pays homage to the greatest movies anime, but that also makes this style in a new direction, allowing the player to live a real adventure, animated,” said Alfred Nguyen, the artistic director and co-founder of the ThroughLine Games.

The story takes place in a world called “The Forgotten Lands”, a place where everything that is forgotten is to be found. Old toys, socks, etc, You play the role of Anne, the person in charge of watching over this world.

Forgotton Anne is already loved by the critics, finding themselves in the Top 10 indie games of Pax West.

The game will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PlayStation on may 15. The canadian price has not been confirmed, but is likely to be around$25.