The Gazette refuses the drawing infamous Aislin, why is that so?

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The online publication by the editorial cartoonist Aislin (Terry Mosher) of a drawing infamous refused by The Montreal Gazette has rekindled old passions and tensions that arise. It has turned the “A” of the CAQ in the hood of the Ku Klux Klan.

Me what amazes me, is that The Gazette has not been published ! This cartoon reflects the perspective and the attitude of the newspaper and its readers. This vile scribble is consistent with the editorial line violently anti-francophone that has always been the newspaper since the beginning of the 19th century.

The election of the CAQ has thrown off the Anglos who believed in the settlement of the “QuĂ©bec question” with the LIBERALS firmly in power and the opposition “national” split. Divide and conquer. The democracy has decided otherwise.

The Brits have an attachment without a flaw to the democratic institutions provided that they are acting in their interests. It is to defend their interests which they support unconditionally the Liberal Party of Quebec, with which, moreover, they live in harmony. Debasing the CAQ was self-evident to The Gazette.

This log is the catalyst of Anglo Montreal in their antagonism of the secular with the francophone majority of Quebec, as shown in this terrible episode in the history of Montreal and of Canada.

In the evening of April 25, 1849, the English to the exhortation of the Gazette have set fire to the Parliament of Canada, which served then to Montreal. The Union of Upper and Lower Canada had been conducted to assimilate the French-speaking majority, according to the recommendations of the Durham report. The objective of the Union was put in a minority francophones still in the majority in a parliament dominated by the Anglo-saxons, who were overrepresented by a electoral map unconscionable.

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The first act passed by the new government of Lafontaine-Baldwin, seeks to compensate the French-speaking victims of brutal reprisals of the soldatesque british assisted by the militia, racist anglo-montreal during the rebellion of 1837-38. A similar law had been adopted to compensate the victims of pogroms in Upper Canada, without causing the slightest controversy. Do the same thing for the “despicable frenchies”? Never!

The act is endorsed by the governor, Lord Elgin, who was indisposed the English of Montreal, in restoring the use of French in Parliament. His courageous gesture will put fire to the powder. This is the case.

The Montreal Gazette, always at the forefront when it comes to spread hatred, anti-French, launched an appeal to the “uprising” racial ” to borrow a phrase from the american historian Mason Wade. I quote the call to arms in the journal: “the Anglo-saxons you must live for the future ; your blood and your race will now be your supreme law, if you are true to yourselves! (…) The crowd must assemble at the Place d’armes this evening at eight o’clock. In combat this is the moment!

The cries of war of the log lead to between 1 200 and 5 000 Anglos, depending on the accounts the Place d’armes. The crowd of English-angry, gets drunk, listening to speakers heinous that spew insults against French-Canadians. Suddenly, a firefighter anglo by the name of Alfred Perry proclaims that by the time the verbiage is completed, and leads the pack of boors English to the Parliament, which is in the middle of a session!

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The rabble vocifĂ©rante with at its head the fireman pyromaniac arrives quickly in front of the Parliament, located where is now the Place d’youville. Perry enters the enclosure and turns on the fire. He knows his stuff! The fire spreads quickly ( lighting is by gas) and the huge blaze lights up the night in montreal. To the cheers of English drunk of alcohol and complacency, the Parliament, and his valuable library burned. With 25,000 volumes, it was then the richest collection of books in Canada. Congrats To The Gazette!

In these times when political correctness forced everyone to apologize for past mistakes, it seems to me that this would be the time to require that the Gazette asks the forgiveness of the francophone Quebecers and, also, to the Canadians to have caused the race riot that destroyed the Parliament of Canada.