The giant Amazon requires discretion and deprives of financial aid

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Everywhere where it has data centers in the world, Amazon demands and gets full secrecy on its electricity prices by more than the touch of impressive financial aid.

In the United States, the critics are numerous on how to make the division cloud of Amazon (Amazon Web Services) which is recognized to draw a lot of public funds where it decides to install its data centers.

This division is the most profitable of the giant of the web has reached last year’s US $ 10 billion of net profits on revenue of 233 billion US$.

By virtue of secret agreements signed with energy suppliers, Amazon always managed to negotiate special rates are often not available for the other clients, recently highlighted the website Techspot.

“The exemption of certain proposed fees by the energy suppliers combined with tax incentives offered by governments have an impact on the total costs borne by the whole of ordinary citizens every day,” advance columnist Greg Synek of Techspot.

20 lobbyists

To get the juicy contracts for hosting cloud-based data of the government of Québec, Amazon has stepped up its lobbying activities in quebec.

Not less than twenty representatives of Amazon are recorded in the register of lobbyists in Quebec for a year. The objective of the company is to “analyze the possibilities” that the treasury Board and the government have used their products.

To the minister of Economy of the government Legault, Pierre Fitzgibbon, however, there is no question of offering an “open bar” of grants to the american giant Amazon. “No, no, no. It’s a company that I respect enormously, but it is necessary that their contribution to the economy of Quebec is palpable, tangible, and defendable to the citizens of Québec “, he said to the Journal on the sidelines of the announcement of the fund in techno own, in which he has injected $ 50 million through Investissement Québec (IQ), Monday, in Montreal.

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Without giving details, Pierre Fitzgibbon has argued that Amazon had “several projects” to come to Quebec.

With the collaboration of Francis Halin