The global 2026 : the canadian government will support the nomination united

Mondial 2026 : le gouvernement canadien appuiera la candidature unie

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The minister of Sport and Persons with disabilities, Kirsty Duncan, announced on Tuesday that the canadian government will commit to an amount of $ 5 million if the bid of the North America is used for the organization of the soccer world Cup 2026.

The one who also holds the post of Science minister was also present at a press conference held in Toronto in order to, inter alia, clarify its position on this matter. However, nothing is certain yet in the folder of the World 2026, because the application united of Canada, the United States and Mexico is in struggle with that of Morocco.

At the end of February, the network ESPN had reported that the North Americans may have a more difficult time than expected in the election, particularly because of the unpopularity of the american president Donald Trump, who has made talking with decisions deemed discriminatory by many.

The 211 members entitled to vote, will perform at a FIFA congress which will take place a few days before the start of the World 2018 in Russia. The results will be announced on June 13.