The government speculates on the question of security in the Azov sea and is unwilling to resolve the situation.

Власть спекулирует вопросом безопасности в Азовском море и не желает разрешения ситуации, - эксперт

The government speculates on the question of security in the Azov sea and is unwilling to resolve the situation. Such opinion on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” expressed political consultant Ruslan Bortnik.

“We have a problem – Russia is checking all ships that are in Ukrainian ports, nominal breaking the law, but thus increasing the losses of the owners, the owners of these ships, thus isolating the Ukrainian ports gradually, which today has already lost about 30% of their turnover. This problem should be solved” – said Bortnik.

“There are two ways out of the situation, they are absolutely practical. But for some reason our politicians just speculating on this issue and do not wish to resolve the situation. The first output – peace, that is, to bring the situation back to zero period, release to the Russian side of the Ukrainian seamen, and the Ukrainian side, the Russian sailors of the ship “Nord”. It’s a peaceful way out. Military out – you know what the prize KOBOLEV you can buy 15 boats “Gyurza” river-sea, to deliver them into the sea of Azov and to do the same against Russia. Why are we sitting in the ports? Why is our border guard does not check the cargo ships that go to the Russian ports in the framework of the law, an agreement to create the same problems. But it is not. There’s only, sorry, primitive rhetoric without solving specific problems for our business,” he concluded.

We will remind, the national security Council and defense of Ukraine approved the complex of measures aimed at protecting Ukraine’s national interests in the southern regions, the waters of the Azov and Black seas.

We will remind also that on March 25, 2018, the State border service of Ukraine detained in the Azov sea the vessel “Nord” under the flag of Russia, was in the annexed Crimea. On Board were 10 people. They all had passports of citizens of Russia, issued in Kerch. The ship has violated the procedure of exit from the occupied territory of Ukraine. He was escorted to Berdyansk. Later, the court arrested the ship.

6 APR Kherson city court took custody till may 31 the captain of the Kerch ship “Nord” Vladimir Gorbenko with the right to make 35 240 UAH Deposit. Later, the lawyer said that for the sailor made bail.

Note that another Russian ship, “the Mechanic Pogodin” was blocked in the port of Kherson for three years.

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