The GPU on the statement Deminy opened a criminal case against the detective NABS

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine opened a criminal case against investigator of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) Serhiy Andyka, having considered the relevant statement of the first Deputy head of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Paul Demchina. About this Demchina announced September 14 at a press conference in Kiev, writes “RBC-Ukraine”.

“I can say that the Prosecutor General’s office opened a case against the detective NABOO,” said damkina.

Employees of GPU, having considered the application Demchina admitted sufficient data contained therein, in connection with the 13 September, there have been criminal proceedings against members of NABS who are suspected of committing crimes under part 1 of article 343 (Interference in the activity of worker of law enforcement body, court expert, an employee of the public Executive service of a private contractor), part 2 of article 372 (Attraction obviously innocent to criminal liability), which the detectives are threatened by imprisonment from 5 to 10 years.

Earlier, on September 13, 2018 the NEB announced that it has prepared the message on suspicion in illegal enrichment Demchyn. In turn, Demchina States that “employees of NABOO decided to take revenge on him for exposing their illegal activities”.

“The number of cases had been registered directly on the materials that I have sent. In one case declared three suspected employees of NABOO, as far as I know, in the near future it has to go to court. Accordingly, I believe that revenge was arranged that the criminal proceedings”, – he stressed.

“What explains Demchina, finding no grounds for registration of a criminal proceeding, “the leadership of the NABOO chose the path discredit him in the media.” In particular, we are talking about the story of journalist Eugenia Motoristas, which was aired on several national TV channels, where Demchina was accused of corruption. After this, with the aim to refute the findings of this investigative journalism Demchina he turned to NABU and SAP with the application to register him in the criminal proceedings, which should confirm or refute the information about his alleged illegal activities”, – writes the edition.

“As far as I know, NABOO didn’t check anything, because he knew perfectly well that information against me is not true. Instead started to look for how to register criminal proceedings,” – said Demchina, according to RBC.

According to first Deputy Chairman of the SBU, “the detectives NAB focused on the falsification of materials in it.” In particular, he noted that for this for 18 months, gathered materials about the property status of the citizen with whom he was in a relationship in 2010-2012.

“I really lived with this face, we do have children, but it was in 2010-2012. Detective NABS was definitely a well-known fact of absence of cohabitation, as he received an appropriate court order. It Anduk signed a suspicion and he was taken to court the decision, he can not know about its existence”, – quotes the edition Demcio.

Thus, according to the publication, Demchina noted that the communication of the suspicion is falsified.

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